Karen Dea

2017 President

Thank you everyone for coming out to celebrate and support the inauguration of the 2017 Wa Sung Officers & Board.

The understanding of community service was introduced in my life in 1989 from my mother Beatrice Wong, who served the Chinatown East Bay in community service and supported the many City of Oakland officials.

Iíve learned the one serving may be able to take something away from the experience and be able to use any newfound knowledge or interpersonal discoveries to improve their future servitude and the people around them. In order to gain the most out of community service, there should be an element of learning balanced with the serving aspect. By learning and serving all at the same time, one can improve their community and surroundings while learning life lessons and building character in ways that will help them to further impact the world in the future.

It takes small steps to create big footprints and Wa Sung is the one and only true community service organization that has been around for 65 years. The Wa Sung founders believed in the Merit Awards for high school graduates and also the annual community Easter Pancake Breakfast held traditionally at the Oakland Lincoln Square Playground. This year we continue their legacy of direction as we presenting the 60th anniversary of the Merit Awards and the Easter Pancake Breakfast.

Our Jr League membership is design to recognize the importance for a youth, student or young adult to take some time and reflect on what they are experiencing, seeing, doing, and what problems they are encountering and how they are going to apply what they have been learning through community service to solve these problems. We encourage leadership opportunities within our club for the Jr Leaguers.

Earlier we introduced the attending Wa Sung Jr League members. They all have progressed from a Jr League member to a regular Wa Sung member. We are proud of their volunteer time with Wa Sung , for example their progression in Wa Sung from Jr League status includes the following - Melanie Lew and Yvan Fung are current Board of Directors; Alvin Liang, 2x Treasurer, Edgar Woo, 2X Jr League Representative, Melanie Lew , Alvin Liang & Edgar Woo compiled a video the Twitter , Facebook and Instagram Social Media presentation to our General membership, Leon Zhang co-chaired our community picnic and Leon won the fastest eating watermelon contest at the picnic!.

As a volunteer organization, we easily welcome everyone to join us to have fun when participating in our many events and we currently have a strong force of willing members that eagerly look forward in making our events happen successfully.

This year I humbly accept being Wa Sungís President with the goals to continue to build the Jr League Job Shadowing Exploration program and to care in having all the membership to bring out their sunshine in their pocket so they can beam with it personally as they share humankindness.

Thank you again and continue in your world of community service and seize the opportunity!