In 1969, Wa Sung helped build a junk boat anchored at the Lincoln Square Park with a powerful presence that commanded generations of children and adults to be part of the footsteps tht covered the high seas and the land of the free

During May 2006, teardown was started manually with a chainsaw, mallets and pry bars. The ground pillars and middle staff pole were kept and used as part of the foundation for the new restored junk boat.

Rebuilding started with the new outline of the junk boat. The surrounding sand area was cleaned up and to be replaced with a colorful rubberized ground reflecting land and sea to encourage wheelchair access and meet other ADA requirements.

Formulating a bottom cabin walkway plus an upper deck resemling a lookout area for the shipmates!

Wooden framing and sidings starting to shape the new junk boat. Looks like a miniature Popsicle stick model!

WOW! As the new flags waver with proudness and the sails capture grace and strength, the near completion of the boat will welcome imaginary play for children of all ages.

January 2007
Ahoy mates!!! Climb aboard and adventure the seas from the most unique junk ship play structure in the world! Let your imagination go as far as the depth of the sea and as unlimited as the sky! Wa Sung proudly re-dedicates the new junk boat to the City of Oakland children and community that is now anchored at the newly named Wa Sung Community Service Club Play Area.

A New Junk Boat Arrives!