Wa Sung Community Service Club is very proud of member Nancy Chang – KQED and Union Bank’s 2014 Local Hero. Congratulations Nancy!

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Roger Dong Founded

Roger Dong, Wa Sung Member, founded the venerated after retiring from the Dept. of Defense. The purpose for this 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, as stated in its website, is:

"The Chinese came to America to mine for gold. They stayed to build the Transcontinental Railroad. Since that time, some have made heroic or notable contributions.

Unfortunately, the heroic or notable contributions of Chinese Americans are, for the most part, unknown not just to individuals outside the Chinese American community but also to Chinese Americans.

While the recent emergence of Asian American studies has helped publicize Chinese American contributions, this information is not easily accessible. Consequently, the heroic and notable contributions of Chinese Americans remain otherwise unknown or unrecognized. Chinese American Heroes (“CAH”) utilizes the internet primarily to publicize our Heroes and Notables and their contributions. We want not just our youth and not just Chinese Americans but everyone to learn about role models who are Chinese American and their heroic and notable contributions."

Watch Lena Fong on TV

Earlier this year KTVU Channel 26 produced a documentary for its "Under the Same Sky" program that celebrates the grand re-opening of the Angel Island Immigration Station. Angel Island played a significant role in Asian American history because it served as the point of entry and detention center for some 175,000 Chinese coming to America between 1910 and 1940. They must pass tough interrogations before they could be allowed to enter San Francisco. If they failed they could be deported back to China. The lucky ones only had to stay for a few weeks, but some were known to be kept there for up to 18 months. Some of their experiences and suffering were preserved in poems that were carved into the wooden wall panels that have been restored for public display. Lena Fong, Wa Sung Honorary Member, was interviewed because she had donated a suitcase containing 24 dresses belonging to her mother, How Jiu, who came through Angel Island in 1928. As you will find out in the interview, she has an interesting story to tell about her mother. The commentary in the documentary was in Mandarin but the interviews were in English.

You can watch her interview here.