Wa Sung’s 61st Annual Merit Scholarship Awards

By Peggy Woon

Sixty-one years of providing scholarships to help further the education of our future leaders! This feat has been one of Wa Sung Community Service Club’s primary endeavors.

This year, we gave out sixteen $1000.00 scholarships and one $2500.00 scholarship. We had 100 people in attendance at our awards dinner held at Pier 29 in Alameda on May 11, 2017. We were honored to have Justice Ming W. Chin deliver the keynote speech. He emphasized how the gift of education should not be taken for granted, especially since our forefathers had to overcome so much to allow us to get to where we are today.

Wa Sung definitely does not take education for granted, and that’s why most of our fund-raising efforts support the Merit Scholarship Awards.

The scholarships are also dependent on the monies generated by our Perpetual Scholarship Fund and donations from individuals. Donna Chan Chu prepared most of the groundwork for this year’s Award dinner before embarking on a trip to the Holy Land. Adrienne Fong and I carried through and the result was a pleasant evening that rewarded seventeen deserving students!

Here are the scholarship awards with the recipients and the presenters:

Nancy Jo Lee Memorial Scholarship
Presented by Wilma Wong
Linyi Yu, University of California, Berkeley Economics, Business

Richard & Doris Wong Lee Memorial Scholarship
Presented by Dr. Richard Lee
Reina Bonta, Yale University, Neuroscience

Ann Mon Wai Lukezic Memorial Scholarship
Presented by Stan Lukezic
Jason Chen, University of California, Berkeley-E. E. Computer Science

Joseph and Dr. Janet Lee Memorial Scholarship
Presented by Roland Hui
Jeanne Trang, San Jose State University-Social Science

Dr. Clifton Fong Memorial Scholarship
Presented by Dr. Wayne Fong
Gloria Fung, University of California,Berkeley-Neuroscience

Karen Dea Scholarship
Presented by Howard Lee
Andie Lindeman University of California, Davis-Biology

Freeman and Mary Chan Scholarship and Al & Becky Wong Humanitarian Scholarship
Presented by Dennis Chan and Al Wong
Limsokpich Sung, University of California, Davis-Computer Science

Victor & Bessie Mar Scholarship and Mildred L & Walter Y. Chinn Scholarship
Presented by Audrey Huie
Yan Ting Li, University of California,Davis-Chemistry

Francis & Eugenie Young Scholarship and Dr. Allan Nunn Memorial Scholarship
Presented by Eugenie Young
Tiffany Chen, Pomona College- Science, Technology and Society

Dr. Joshua Fong Community Service Scholarship and Susie Oi Young Yip Memorial Scholarship
Presented by Lena Fong and Loretta Siu
Alexander Tong, George Washington University-Biology, Economics

Sidney Fong Scholarship
Presented by Margaret Mar
Brian David, George Washington University-Economics

Gordon and Mary Lee Scholarship
Presented by Richard Fong
Cammie Young, University of California, Berkeley-Public Health

Fay Fong Soo Hoo Scholarship
Presented by Will Tong
Christy Tran, University of California, Irvine-Business

Hoover Ginn Memorial Scholarship
Presented by Lisa Ginn McDonald
Phuoc Tran, University of California, San Diego-Computer Science

May Mew Scholarship
Presented by Arnold Mew
Ethan Woon, University of Arizona -Business Entrepreneurship

Lena Wong Fong Scholarship
Presented by Polly Fong
David Wang, University of California,Berkeley- E.E. Computer Science

Wells Fargo Advisors Scholarship
Presented by Ben Joyce
Olivia Young, University of Illinois -Nutrition

Thank you to Wa Sung members who stepped up to help read essays, welcome and seat guests, set out decorations and snacks, take photos, and to share with others what Wa Sung is all about! Events such as this make me proud to be a Wa Sung member.

Merit Scholarship Committee: Donna Chan Chu -Chairperson, Peggy Woon, Adrienne Fong, Karen Dea, Peter Chu, Norman McEachron, Sandi McEachron, Richard Fong, Deborah Pan, Arnold Mew, Ivy Kwong, Howard Lee and Cimberly Eng-Tamura Peggy Woon and Adrienne Fong