59th Annual Merit Scholarship Awards Dinner

By Donna Chan Chu

On May 28th Wa Sung proudly presented $19,500 in scholarships to 18 Bay Area high school seniors headed for college. This was our 59th Annual Merit Scholarship Awards Presentation. The event was very uplifting and memorable hearing the achievements of each student, their future endeavors and the acknowledgements to their family. Each presenter enriched the evening by sharing the scholarship they were presenting, whether it was in memory of family or in honor of enriching a student's wish to further their education.

We thank the Wa Sung Scholarship Committee Co-Chairs - Adrienne Fong, Kinley Wong and Donna Chan Chu and the committee members Richard Fong, Howard Lee, Peggy Woon, Peter Chu, and Karen Dea.

We acknowledge our members and friends for their generous donations and with special appreciation we thank Arnold Mew, Mary Lee, Esther Fong-Maynard, Dr. Stephen Woo, Gloria Gee, Edward Jang, Donald & Joyce Chin, Waymond & Linda Fong and the Asian Advisory Committee on Crime (AACC).

These are the 2015 scholarship winners who each received $1,000:

Anna Lu-Oakland Charter High School/UCLA, Economics major
Ethan Ha-Livermore High School/UC Berkeley, Molecular Biology and Music majors
Feng Ming Li-Skyline High School/UCLA, Psychological Sciences major
Megan Au-Mission San Jose High School/San Jose State, Kinesiology major
Emily Chu-James Logan High School/UCLA, Biochemistry major
Bryan Chao-Richmond High School/Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Civil Engineering major
YeEun Hannah Tak-Castro Valley High School/UC Berkeley, Biological Sciences major
Devin Pon-Castro Valley High School/UC Davis, Electrical Engineering major
Karena Kiang-American Indian Public High School/UCLA, Cognitive Science major
Abigail Wong-Rolle-Skyline High School/Swarthmore College, Biology major
Thea Jewel Soriano-DeAnza High School/San Francisco State, Nursing major
Cindy Cai-San Leandro High School/UC Berkeley, Molecular Biology major
Jordan Wong-Oakland High School/UCLA, Economics major
Susan Pham-Tennyson High School/UC Santa Cruz, Bioengineering major
Brittany Tran-Pinole Valley High School/UC Irvine, Business Economics major
Kelsey Ichikawa-Irvington High School/Harvard, Biomedical Engineering major
Linnea Arneson-Encinal High School/UC Berkeley, Computer Science major

This year we were fortunate to award a $2,500 Wa Sung Community Service Club Merit Scholarship which was presented to Felicia Su-American Indian Public High School/UCLA, Human Biology and Society major.