56th Annual Merit Scholarship Awards Dinner

By Donna Chan Chu

Keynote speaker Fiona Ma

Obey your parents and follow your dreams. This was the message from Fiona Ma, the keynote speaker at the 56th Annual Merit Scholarship Awards Dinner. By telling her own story, she was able to relate to the scholarship winners. She told of listening to her parents, getting a degree or in Ms. Ma’s case getting three degrees and then pursuing her dream of being in politics. In 2014 she will be a candidate for the California State Board of Equalization.

Our awards dinner is always so special, because after all the fundraising events we hold during the year we now get to see the rewards of all our work. On May 9th we proudly awarded 17 bay area high school seniors with a scholarship.

Much appreciation goes to this year’s scholarship co-chairs, Adrienne Fong, Kinley Wong and Donna Chan Chu. Thank you to the scholarship committee for all their time spent reading essays, scoring sheets and selecting the winners: Arnold Mew, Allan Wong, Annis Skousen, Peter Chu, Lee Ko, Doris Gee, Laura Chan, Gloria Gee, Susie Farris, Karen Dea, and Richard Fong. Thank you to Cimberly Eng-Tamura for asking Fiona Ma to be our keynote speaker. Thank you to Karen Dea for all your hard work and time spent to make a beautiful program. Thank you to our presenters: Doris Gee, Patricia Lee, Audrey Huie, Loretta Siu, Lena Fong and Polly Fong, Adrienne Fong, Donna Chan Chu, Alfred Wong, Richard Fong, Doreen Lew, Esther Fong-Maynard, Stephen Woo, Mary Lee, Kimberly Huey Daljit, Arnold Mew and Karen Dea. Thank you to Melanie Lew and Judy Ma for sharing about the Junior League. Thank you to our photographers: Roland Hui and Florence Lau. Thank you to our members and friends for their generous donations to the scholarship funds: Arnold Mew, Mary Lee, Lena Fong, Esther Fong-Maynard, Stephen Woo, Kai C. Chan, Anna Lee, Peggy and Larry Woon, Steve and Laura Chan, Dr. Marvin Mah and Irene O. Chan. Thank you to Betty and Rodney Gee of Pier 29 Restaurant for serving a delicious meal and for being so accommodating for our awards program.

A big THANK YOU goes to Mary Lee and Lena Fong for making their donation to next year’s scholarship program.

2013 Merit Scholarship Recipients
Back row, left to right: Angela Luu, Annie Lu, Raymond Chu, Eric Fong,
Valerie Tsai, Brenda Yau, Hoanlien Dang, Jason Li
Front row: Vania Lei, Tiffany Wong, Alexandria Lai, Hanson Nguyen,
Maggie Hu, Emily Tam, Michelle Lu, Kristie Huie