by Victor Mar (1984 Member of the Year; 1986 President; 1991 Life Member)

In Oakland whenever Easter Pancake Breakfast is mentioned, Wa Sung automatically comes to mind. One of the necessary items needed is the means to cook several thousand pancakes in less than three hours. Used old restaurant grills were acquired and for many, many years prior to the 1980s Josh Fong was in charge of the stove detail. With his numerous talents, he converted these old grills from natural gas to bottled propane use by changing the burner jets and adjusting the air inlets for a smokeless blue flame.

The stoves were stored at Dick and Tosh's Furniture Store across the street from the Lincoln Recreation Playground in their garage and basement. After each use the stoves were broken down and carried back for storage. This reassembling, readjusting, and cleaning took considerable time on the prior weekend before Easter Sunday. Victor Mar joined the stove detail in the early 1980's and welded frames and installed rubber wheels on all the units. This eliminated the necessity to disassemble the stoves and make it easier to bring them back and forth across the street. In the later 1980's the furniture store closed and Walter Chinn got permission from the Park and Recreation Department for Wa Sung to store the stoves in the abandoned restroom at the Lincoln Recreation Playground. At about the same time Steve Quock who was in charge of the City's General Services, had the dividing wall removed and a new roof and a steel door installed for Wa Sung's use.

In the late 1990's Mike Wong joined the stove detail. It is interesting to note that all these years there have been only three chairpersons, Josh Fong, Victor Mar and Mike Wong. The others involved were Walter Chinn, Steve Quock, and Stan Huey, all past presidents and Bill Jan, a life member.