Wa Sung Junior League Thrives!

By Karen Dea

The Wa Sung Jr. League (WSJL) started as a pilot program in 2010 as part of the Wa Sung 5 Year Plan (2010-­‐2015). Its goal is to encourage community service, promote leadership ambitions, and be an available outreach for youth’s ages 17-­‐25 years old, especially when normal difficulties cross their paths as they embark to a new phase of life after high school and during college. Youth is an experience that is extremely important influencing their adult life; and this program is to give them the respect of their choices, encourage successes and acceptance of failures.

Currently we have close to 45 Wa Sung Jr. League members, but a large number in membership does not matter or make this program successful. What is important is the Jr. League committee that is composed of Wa Sung members and Jr League representatives to be willing to understand society’s lifestyles, age-­‐range characteristics, health-­‐risk behaviors, and constantly working alongside the Jr. Leaguers to learn their needs and wants.

Since its inception in 2010, some of our Jr League members have graduated from college, are happily married, discovered new friendships within the club, journeying to the call of different careers, self-­‐explorations, adventuring outside of their comfort box, and have become an elected Wa Sung officer or board of director.

Our JL membership comes from many walks of life: Children from the parents of the general WS membership, Asian Youth Services Committee, Chinese Community United Methodist Church, high school and college youths, and Wa Sung Merit Awards applicants.

In 2014, a new WS Job Shadow Exploration Program started, giving the Jr League members an opportunity to job shadow experienced individuals or organizations in career areas of: accounting, pediatrician, scientist, dentistry, engineering, psychology, law, event planning, food laboratory, software development, tech startup business, graphic communications, city tour guide, and more!

Some of the community service activities that the JL have been involved in are: Runway Rhythm’s Fashion Show, Directory, Easter Pancake Breakfast, Crab Feed Scholarship Fundraiser, Oakland Firefighters Random Act of Kindness, Alameda County Animal Shelter, and the Oakland Chinatown Chamber Street Festival.

In June 2015, a new 5 Year Plan (2015 -- 2020) will be created. We hope that one of the goals is to secure and strengthen the WS Jr. League and have it be a permanent part of the WS Bylaws.

Everyone is welcome to be part of this wonderful WSJL committee. Please don’t hesitate in joining us!